Instrumental Arrangement Contest

We are seeking instrumental arrangements of "Our Triangle" and "The Creed" (original version) for performance during our 2021 International Convention and beyond. In order to give everyone an opportunity, we are offering a competition to create a flexible arrangement of one of our two most important fraternity songs. The prize is to have the arrangement premiered at the 2021 Convention! PDF copies of these two fraternity selections are available on the fraternity website. Rules for the competition are below:

  • The arranger must be a member in good standing of an alumni or collegiate chapter or an allied member.
  • The arranger may not already be involved in the convention as a featured composer.
  • 4-part arrangement submitted in 5 scores with the 4 parts titled "Parts 1-4" for greater flexibility. These should be transposed and able to be played by strings, woodwinds and brass in the following manner:
    • C instruments (4 parts treble clef and 4 parts bass clef)
    • Bb instruments (all 4 parts treble clef)
    • F instruments (all 4 parts treble clef)
    • Eb instruments (all 4 parts treble clef)
    • alto clef (4 parts)
  • The arrangement should be at an intermediate level (for limited rehearsal time).

Submissions must be in the form of a PDF and received by Rebecca Sorley 4th International VP: Music Advisor - [email protected] by April 1, 2021. Any questions, contact Rebecca Sorley.