Mission & Values

Mu Phi Epsilon is a co-educational International Professional Music Fraternity. The fraternity is composed of collegiate chapters, alumni chapters and affiliate members.

The recognition of scholarship and musicianship, and the development of a bond of friendship among its members.

The advancement of music in the community, nation, and world through promotion of musicianship, scholarship, therapy, and education, with an emphasis on service through music.

Mission of Mu Phi Epsilon

  • Foster the ideals of service to school and community
  • Develop an awareness that artistic gifts are to be shared
  • Promote high scholarship, musicianship, and friendship through service
  • Provide opportunities for strong artistic and personal abilities

The Fraternity is governed by a triennial convention of delegates from each collegiate and each alumni chapter and the International Officers. An Executive Office is administered by the International Executive Secretary-Treasurer, appointed by the Executive Board. The governing documents are the International Bylaws and the Standing Rules. Individual chapters also maintain bylaws which are in agreement with the International document.