Honors and Awards

The Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity and the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation recognize members' outstanding accomplishments through numerous awards, grants, and scholarships.


ACME recognition highlights the strengths and accomplishments of our fraternity's Artists, Composers, Musicologists and Educators. We encourage members to nominate deserving, actively affiliated candidates who have achieved national and/or international acclaim in their music fields for ACME consideration. Information about ACME members and their attainments are published to recognize outstanding achievements of our members as well as to provide mentors who are willing to advise other musicians in the same category of the music profession. Nominations may be submitted by an alumni or collegiate chapter, or by individual members. 

Annual Awards

International Collegiate Chapter of the Year
The Outstanding Collegiate Chapter is chosen annually from the Province Collegiate Chapter winners. The winning chapters are determined by the Collegiate Advisor, along with the IEB, based on points earned by completing requirements on time as well as initiating and participating in service projects for the school and community.

International Sterling Achievement Award
The International Sterling Achievement Award is given annually to the Outstanding Collegiate chosen from the Collegiate Province Award winners. A collegiate chapter nominates a member and the winner is determined by the Collegiate Advisor and the IEB. This person exemplifies a Mu Phi Epsilon member by their Mu Phi participation, honors and awards, and scholarship. The nominating Chapter must have fulfilled all chapter obligations for their nomination to be considered. This is the highest honor Mu Phi awards to a Collegiate member. Honorable Mention is given to the Province Award winners.

Outstanding Alumni Chapter
Winners of Province Alumni Chapter Achievement Awards are selected by the International Executive Board for service to the community, efficiency in transacting the business of the fraternity and meeting the Triangle of Goals.

In 1963, the "Circles of Winners" was created. The circle would consist of those chapters that won the Alumni Chapter Achievement Award within the past 10 years. Each year the new alumni chapter winner would be added to the circle and the oldest circle chapter would drop from the list. Two winners would then be declared, one from all chapters and another from the circle. It was decided in 1974 to eliminate the Circle of Winners. The Circle was renewed in 1976 and now consists of the top five alumni chapters, based on a point system, regardless of province.

Orah Ashley Lamke Award
Orah Ashley Lamke was a charter member of Delta (1905) and later held five national offices: National Alumnae Officer (two different times), National Editor, National Secretary, National Vice President, and National President 1928-1930. In recognition of her devoted service and dedication to alumni, the 1964 national convention in Lincoln initiated the Orah Ashley Lamke Distinguished Alumna Award, and she was the first to receive it. Since then, her namesake award is given each year to a longtime alumni member who has shown dedication and loyalty at the local level.

Sterling Patrons
The International Executive Board honored the first Sterling Patron in 1989, thus beginning a Fraternity tradition of asking outstanding non-member musicians and patrons of the arts to serve as Sterling Patrons. A Sterling Patron serves all aspects of the Fraternity, and is named for our Founder Dr. Winthrop Sterling.

Convention Awards

Award of Merit
The Award of Merit is presented in convention years to a member of Mu Phi Epsilon who brings honor to the Fraternity in a particular field of music.

Eleanor Hale Wilson-Rosalie V. Speciale Lifetime Achievement Award
The Eleanor Hale Wilson-Rosalie V. Speciale Lifetime Achievement Award was established by the International Executive Board at the 1997 annual meeting with the intent to honor members who have served the fraternity beyond the local chapter level. The award is presented only in convention years, and was first awarded in 1998.

Elizabeth Mathias Award
This award, established in 1968, is given only in convention years to a member of Mu Phi Epsilon who has reached a high level of professional recognition and achievement. The award is named in honor of the co-founder of Mu Phi Epsilon, and was first given in 1970. The recipient is selected by the International Executive Board.

Citation of Merit
The Citation of Merit is presented to outstanding individuals in the music world, not members of Mu Phi Epsilon, who have contributed in an exceptional way to the goals of the fraternity. The award is presented only in convention years.